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What is that pain

Sciatica   Is a very long nerve that runs from your low back through your leg.  The most common pain experienced with sciatica is leg pain, numbness or tingling.  It is usually confined to one leg.  How does this happen?  Something compresses the sciatic nerves.  It can be a tight contracted muscle (usually the piriformis), inflammation or it can be a disc of the spine.  If it is muscluar massage can help relieve the pain.


Low Back Pain can happen when muscles are overused and stressed.  Many different muscles can be involved.  Many of the leg and gluteal muscles can put strain on the low back if they are tight and contracted.  They can tilt the pelvis which will put stain on the low back.  Think about is the quad muscles are tight, they can tilt your pelvis forward your low back will need to stretch to accomodate the tilt.  You will not usually feel the pain in your leg you will feel it where the muscles are overstretching which will be the low back. One way to allivieated the pain is to located the contracted muscles and to release them using a variety of deep tissue techniques.


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